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This depends on what interface your camera uses. If it uses DirectShow, you can use anything from VLC to OBS to record the camera. But if it does not use an open interface like DirectShow, then you must use the software provided by the manufacturer (usually comes with the drivers) to get the camera's video output and recording.


The Alienware Alpha is intended to be used as a PC/Console connected to a large screen TV and that port is almost certainly a dumb "pass through" port and has no video capture hardware inside. This means that you are likely to use it alongside DVD, bluray, satellite receivers and similar, all of which need a HDMI port on your TV. This would be "yet another" ...


I would simply use the command line. Navigate to the folder with all *.ts-files to be concatenated and then run the... copy /b *.ts output-file.ts ...command, which takes all *.ts-files in the current directory and concatenates them to a resulting file called output-file.ts. The command might run for several minutes, so don't worry, you can grab a cup of ...

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