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Try using the -t flag to see how the filename is stored, then specify the same name at the end of your extraction tar command, including any path/directories. As in tar --extract --file=some.tar exactfilename


if your CPU doesnt support virtualization, then thats just it, you cant VIRTUALIZE it. But as you said, you can install it beside your win7 installation. i would run the live cd and mess around before installing it, thats one way you can see if any errors occur.


Dualbooting seems the best option to use linux on your pc considering that your computer only has 2 gb of RAM and does not support virtualization. If you want to learn about RedHat linux you can use Centos and Fedora. RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 introduced systemd while Fedora started using systemd long before RHEL did. Centos 7 is equivalent to RHEL7.

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