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Sorry, I'm not familiar with any application (apart of Firebug - we'll return to that in a moment) that will do that out of the box. If it's really big - you might have to roll out a custom solution - it shouldn't be too complicated to use some XML/HTML parser and traverse through nodes until you find your wanted text - at which point you'd use some built in ...


The problem is the linebreaks. If you fix these, it will import successfully. Firstly, you have missing linebreaks: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Aginity\NetezzaWorkbench\QueryAnalyzer\CodeSnippets\NZ\1] "Trigger"="sf" "Text"="select * This should be: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Aginity\NetezzaWorkbench\QueryAnalyzer\CodeSnippets\NZ\1] "Trigger"="sf" ...


It's the carriage returns/new lines. The Registry importer doesn't like importing stuff with EOL/newlines/CR characters in it (even though you can export it successfully). You can check that theory by looking a the .reg file section that holds the TEXT file that DID import (the TO_CHAR example), I'd bet it has no carriage returns. To get around it: ...


Use this instead: @echo off regedit /e D:\RegBak_%date:/=-%_%time::=-%.reg exit It will date and time stamp your .REG files so they don't get overwritten each time.

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