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If you proceed with "Nothing" than it will delete all your settings and clear out all cookies, cache files, apps and many more settings. While you want a clean installation so you should go ahead with "nothing". as it will not affect your other or secondary hard drive, it will only erase the primary partition where OS was installed. With "Just Personal ...


If you have installation media, just double-click on the setup icon and follow the instructions. Your old data will be preserved. And I think it will remove malware, if any.


You may Reinstall Windows7 from OEM Recovery Options. Delete personal files from Other partitions. Wipe the free space. And sell. To Wipe the Free Space, use the program Eraser. During Wiping 1 overwrite is enough. The recent versions of Eraser might require Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)


Some of the options I found here or elsewhere didn't work for me for a AMD SB750 chipset on an MSI GA-MA790XT-UD4P, so I used an alternative method that is somewhere in-between the fully automatic one and the manual registry hacks. I downloaded the drivers from the MSI website and unpacked them. Then I manually installed the INF file using: rundll32 ...


Yes, you can, you just need to repartition/reformat your disk(s) with ntfs filesystem because linux uses different fs (ext2, ext3...). Your windows license can be used any time on that hardware.


This is relative by any infection, is very hard to determinate the level of propagation of your infection, even if the antivirus disinfected your machine there is a posibility to have remains of that infection waiting the precice time to raise again(sounds like a story book). My Suggestion: Wipe the data(i know is sad) but there you have something good. ...


Malware has become sneakier and nastier. The consensus recommendation from Security Professionals is to wipe and reload from scratch. If reasonable just recreate the documents. If not then scan them with several different security programs and after if they are Microsoft Office documents open them but do not enable macros. If you don't want to reload ...

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