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You have the Remote Desktop client. That comes with all editions of Windows that I'm aware of. Therefore, you can remotely log into to other machines that support it. Your computer does not, however, have the server part of Remote Desktop, so you can't remote into your machine from anywhere else. The server part only comes with Pro and Enterprise editions of ...


If you are using the Windows built-in "Remote Desktop" application (mstsc.exe) then when you remotely connect in the remote computer will automatically "lock" so no-one can see the screen or what you're doing. They just get presented with the usual "Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to unlock this computer".


While theoretically possible, the hardware bottleneck will now be replaced by a new bottleneck: Networking. The reduced video quality that you've seen is purposefully there to reduce need for bandwidth and lower latency, and trying to play a game like this will not really be playable. I tested this with Toribash quite some time ago, just to see if it was ...


Quoting the Virtual Box manual: Starting with VirtualBox 4.2.0 there is another extension pack, VNC, which is open source and replaces the previous integration of the VNC remote access protocol. This is experimental code, and will be initially available in the VirtualBox source code package ...


You can simply switch the power off (at the screen) whenever you are leaving the office.


Nirsoft Remote Desktop PassView for old versions or Nirsoft Network Password Recovery for newer versions of RDG files should help. Use the x64 version on 64 bit versions of Windows.


You can try to user RDCman to manage all the RD connection settings and logon credentials.


For Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 there is now the Remote Desktop Client URI Scheme Support, see -

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