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I found the culprit. A long while ago user Mike (which has been around for a while) wanted to connect to one of the administrative shares on the remote FILES machine, say, \\FILES\C$. In order to achieve that user Mike connected to FILES as an Administrator, entering remote Administrator password and asking Windows to save his credentials. The credentials ...


If the login on target machine is valid, it should work no matter if the account type is administrator or user, since standard users do have the right to shutdown or reboot the station. Exception for this is only if the rights have been revoked via security policy.


This is likely has nothing to do with Remote Debugging. Just open your project properties and select the "Debug" tab (in Web Applications open the "Web" tab). Make sure an appropriate debugger is selected. You don't mention what kind of project you're working on, so its tough to say what the appropriate action should be.


You need to have administrator permissions in order to execute commands on remote computers. The method of operation used by PSExec is explained in very good detail in the following blog post: http://windowsitpro.com/systems-management/psexec Thats not to say that PSExec isn't used by malware, in fact it is used extensively. There is even a modified ...

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