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I would not exclude the cable problem. Some mice have D+/D- twisted and Gnd/Vcc twisted separately. I can easily imagine one of them failing. Another possibility is that D+/D- are shorted together. Try - carefully and slowly - bending the wire near the entrance at the mouse end, and check if maybe the laser diode lights up. Opening the mouse generally means ...


Sorry, but it's likely not the cable. This forum is for electronics design questions, that said it doesn't sound like any of your theories are correct. It sounds like an electronics problem, not a problem with the cable. In your mouse, the cable is most likely not soldered in anyway as most high-end mice use a connector internally. A broken cable ...


In case someone faces the same problem when recording a video with Android phone I recommend Mp4Fix app. It's really simple to use, fast and free!


That means it is font problem. Try Foxit Reader, it will auto detect and download corresponding font that you needed.


I had the exactly the same problem. I removed the other leg as well and replaced them both with parts from a binder clip (cost around 5 cents): They clip into the same holes as the keyboard legs. Works perfectly and the keyboard is tilted at about the same angle. You may want to experiment with parts from different sized binder clips.


mutool (project page, manpage) will repair broken PDFs without printing them. Installation e.g. on Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install mupdf-tools Run it like this: mutool clean input.pdf output.pdf mutool clean [options] input.pdf [output.pdf] [pages] The clean command pretty prints and rewrites the syntax of a PDF file. It can be used to repair broken ...

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