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You need to resize/clone your last differencing image. You can list them by vboxmanage list hdds.


much much easier resize2fs -M xxx.img (you will be asked to e2fsck first - so e2fsck -f -y xxx.img (image must NOT be mounted!)


Assuming a linux environment (or cygwin on windows), the only way I found is to execute 2 commands. First to get main video size and perform math on them (note: x/20 == x*0.05: val=`ffmpeg.exe -i 1.mp4 2>&1 | grep Video: | sed 's_.*, \([0-9]*x[0-9]*\) .*_\1_' | awk 'BEGIN {FS="x"} {print int($1/20)"x"int($2/20)}'` Second to scale and overlay the ...


If you use convert, you can specify the parameter > to only shrink bigger images, leaving the other untouched (the \ is required, or the magic char > is not escaped): convert large_image.png -resize 1248x1024\> large_image.png convert not_large_image.png -resize 1248x1024\> not_large_image.png It will only change the bigger images. [ETA] convert ...

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