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Assuming that the playback software itself has no performance issues, then the only difference between the 1:1 scaled version and the 2K/4K versions is that the latter will have to be downscaled to achieve the same presentation size. Depending on the downscaling algorithm of the player, you may see aliasing or softening/blurring effects. The video may also ...


I have the V37 scanner, which is the same as yours except it lacks the transparency adapter. Your question aroused my curiosity and led to a number of interesting findings. The few times I had previously ventured into 4800 dpi was for microscopic analysis using a previous scanner. That experience was tack-sharp results. My V30 had been used only for ...


I use several Samsung capable 1920 x 1200, (WUXGA, (default resolution or “optimal”) monitors (Models 245BW, 2443 BWT, and a think a T240HD) all of which have a VGA , and a DVI connector. They are used in a multi-monitor workstation; using GeForce 9600GT boards (maximum capable digital display resolution is 2560 x 1600 (i.e., DVI); maximum (VGA is 2048 x ...


You could always create a batch script that Changes the screen resolution Launches the application Changes the resolution back when the application is terminated. To do this you would want to download Qres then create a .bat script with the following: @echo off Qres.exe /x:1920 /y:1080 applicationYouWantToLaunch.exe Qres.exe /x:3200 /y:1800


This is probably a bug in the application: Chrome bug: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=389171 Can not find a bug for IntelliJ. I will report soon.


That error message is from your monitors' firmware, not from your system. Apparently, when the DualHead2Go box is running at 3840x1080, it has picked a scan frequency that your monitors can't handle over VGA. You know that there are DVI to HDMI adapters? And cables, for that matter. DVI male on one end, HDMI male on the other, so if you don't already ...

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