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Theory Differences in video probably won't be noticeable for untrained eye. 1080p video would have to be downscaled anyway. It won't be exactly the same, though, because compression and scaling are applied in different order. Let's assume that original video was 1080p. In this case the 720p video was first scaled, then compressed. On the other hand, 1080p ...


It depends heavily on the media. For example, if you have a 720p display and you play a youtube 1080p I can see the difference when things moves. Its just this tiny bit more detailed. Then again, someone with less trained eyes probably won't see a difference. Aside of that 1080p requires more rendering power to display, and the quality increase, if it is ...


It is almost impssible to upgrade the resolution. I tried it myself. The mainboard (Quanta LZ8) has only single channel suport for the special LVDS connector. You need dual channel support for higher resolutions than 1366x768 (like 1600x900). Source: http://kythuatphancung.vn/uploads/download/1b22d_Quanta_LZ8_-_REV_1A_-_Lenovo_IdeaPad_U410.pdf (pages: 7 ...


You could try and create the document in MS Word and then save it as a PDF I have never run into problems that way.


Viewing 1080p video on a 720p screen may cause the quality of the video to be distorted as it tries to work out where to cut pixels. Chances are it won't be noticeable, but there really is no benefit of 1080p videos over 720p while using a 720p screen.


The 1080p vide would have to be downscaled to fit the 720p screen size. The 720p video would have no scaling applied. Which version of the video that would look better really depends more on the compression levels of each video. A 2GB 720p video would be less compressed and less blocky than a 2GB 1080p video, as long as the same video settings are used with ...


Some monitors have an "auto-adjust" button/menu feature that re-adjusts the picture onto the display and often fixes symptoms of part of the screen being "cut off".

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