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Source - Gist of article While PC is booting and windows loading screen hasn't come yet, quickly tap F8 many times. An Advanced boot options menu should appear. At this point ,select repair and press enter. Login with username and password. At this point you'...


One way to reset to factory settings is to reinstall Windows 10 using the ISO. The ISO can be obtained from With regards to concerns on windows 10 activation after wiping out the hard drive you can refer to the following link for more information


For applications which are installed individually (not through the AppStore), there is no backup software which would "sandbox" individual applications and allow selective backup/restore, so you can do it only manually. Is it possible to restore just the programs from Applications without having to authenticate them again? It depends solely on each ...


Hello friend its very eary to do this , just follow me ....... While your backup disk is connected, click the Time Machine icon in the Dock and the Time Machine restore interface appears. You can literally see your windows as they appeared "back in time." Note: If you use FileVault, you cannot browse for individual items in your Home folder. However, you can ...

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