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what you need is rpmbuild (its a package) sudo yum/dnf install rpmbuild $ rpmdev-setup (from /home or build env as it will create the needed SPEC SOURCES RPMs SRPMs and needed arch folders in $pwd. Once you have that rpmbuild --help ( there are a ton of rebuild options for rebuilding from the srpm / spec file --for rpm / just dependencies etc etc. ...


yumdownloader is also a script (for manaul "downloading" (--download-only and /or --downloaddir=foo usefull for source build/downloading


while its only available via plugin install: yum-plugin-no-leaves adding --nodeps or --no-leaves would also work


Technically, it IS possible, at least for some commands. In one of my RPMs I have mount command in post-install scripts that mounts a password-protected Windows share: mount -t cifs // /var/www/html -o username=user and I get the following output during RPM install: Password: then user has to type the password before installation ...

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