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Just in case anyone has this same issue, what happened here was that using the -u flag changed the base URL for the repository to ./pdate (because apparently anything after -u is interpreted as a baseURL value.) The easy fix is to simply change the baseURL to the value it should be (http://something.com/repo/6/x86_64 or what have you) by running: ...


from : http://kiteplans.info/2015/01/15/solved-bug-centos-yum-rpm-broken-by-nss-softokn-3-14-3-19-el6_6-update-error-rpmts_hdrfromfdno-error-rpmdbnextiterator-header-v3-rsasha1-signature-key-id-bad/ Thus if you yum update only installed one of the packages you will end up with a broken YUM and RPM. You might see error messages like these when trying to run ...

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