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TL;DR - use bash only for installing a better language (if it isn't already available), otherwise you're wasting unrecoverable, precious human time. If you can't do it on the command line by hand without mistakes, don't script with bash/shell. It's 2015, so I'd consider the following: memory overhead Ruby/Python runtime memory overhead compared to bash ...


This gem is a joke with all this hype with the node.js project. It only includes the eventmachine gem and adds a new alias to it. https://github.com/rafaelfranca/node run sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nodejs or brew update brew install node


If your intention was to install gems' executables into ~/.gem/bin, you can set in ~/.gemrc: gem: --bindir ~/.gem/bin # any other gem settings like: --no-ri --no-rdoc It will NOT change EXECUTABLE DIRECTORY, but gems' executables will be installed into ~/.gem/bin. You can check it is set by: $ gem env - GEM CONFIGURATION: - "gem" => ...


Looks like /usr/local/bin/ruby is a directory, not a file, which is strange. Maybe your script is doing something wrong: hard to tell without seeing source. And maybe RVM (http://rvm.io) will help you.

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