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The corrrect way to use SMB name resolution on a Linux machine is to edit (as su) the file /etc/nsswitch.conf and to make sure that the line beginning with hosts contains wins, like this, for instance: hosts: files wins mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns Of course you will be unable to contact any pc not running a SMB server, like for instance ...


Apparently there was a Windows Update in the queue that did something about this. After a restart, this problem disappeared entirely. Update: Oddly, after the May 12 Windows Update and another restart, this problem came back again as before.


You may want to try out: http://mega.co.nz - it allows syncing of 50GB on the free tier, allows sharing links and guest users and things of that nature. It seems like it would fit your needs. I have used this service. It syncs folders/structures across all shares, is not buggy like BitTorrent Sync, and has the benefit of being both Free and, depending on ...


Connect to your server with SSH and make a tunnel for SMB traffic from your client to your server. Something like: ssh -L 137: -L 138: -L 139: -L 447: you@your.server.address And then use: smbclient //localhost/Testing -U user This creates a tunnel that forwards traffic from the client computer ports ...

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