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No, it isn't. You're accessing the account via SSH, but the Windows file sharing doesn't use SSH and cannot use your keypair the same way. In other words you're basically limited to SSH here. For Git itself, that's not a problem – Windows-Git supports SSH normally. If you need to edit some files manually or to make backups, use SFTP (e.g. via WinSCP, psftp, ...


Samba has a smb.conf option that makes it do exactly what you want: To enumerate shares based on access. It’s called access based share enum: If this parameter is yes for a service, then the share hosted by the service will only be visible to users who have read or write access to the share during share enumeration (for example net view \sambaserver). ...


As the comment suggests, test to see if the port is open. But instead of "telnet", using "nc" to just test if the port is open is much easier to check the result: nc -z remotehost 139 && echo up || echo down


I just bought this router. The auto update function does not work. It told me that I had the latest firmware. Just to be sure i visited ASUS website and yes, there was an update. Updated it and everything vent fine. So I am just saying don't trust the auto updater.

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