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A4 = 5833 pixel line scan speed 12msec/line so time = 12msec/line * 5833 line = 69996msec or about 70seconds.


I do support work for a medium size company and I have had this issue with any Windows 7 machine primarily that have upgraded to Windows 10. What has resolved my issue with 90% of these cases is turning off the Password Protected Sharing in the Advanced Sharing Options in Network And Sharing. However, if a PC is running a 3rd party firewall or if user ...


This video talks about it a lot and it presents an interesting solution; DEFCON 18 - How to hack Millions of Routers Basically, if you access a webpage, then that allows that webpage owner to access your router whilst your connected. In a matter of seconds you can enable remote connect, and your done :D.


First, for acquiring a public IP address of a network, you can open up terminal and type ping <website name> to ping the website server, and it will show up something like this: PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from ( icmp_req=1 ttl=53 time=25.1 ms The IP after the PING www....


I was scanning photos from many photo albums and found the software (at the time) that auto crops and straightens the images to cause distortions. I ended up doing a physical hack that made my life easier. Since most of the photos I had were the same size, I made a holder. I went to a craft store and bought a really thick piece of black cardboard. I cut ...


In my opinion it would be better if you scann them one by one. This way they will be aligned the same in respect of the corner of the scanner and can be named with a specific file name. After that you can prepare a Photoshop batch action to crop them and to make the round borders, and as they are all aligned the action will be aplied correctly. Look for ...

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