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Batch Script - Subtracting (or adding) Days from Current Day Simplified You can do this using a batch script that sets the date variable and subtracts 1 day (or any number of days for that matter) from the current date which the batch script is executed. So you'd need to ensure that the day you schedule the script to execute, that that day is what you ...


I think it is always quite complicated to calculate dates. Therefore, I would like to propose an alternative solution to achieve what you need. I would use another scheduled task, to output the current date with the format YYYY-MM-DD in a file. You can find information on how to do that here. Then, in your scheduled job that is responsible for the zipping, ...


On the desktop, make a rightclick, select New->Shortcut, insert the command %windir%\system32\taskschd.msc /s give it a name and select the icon from the Windows file %windir%\system32\miguiresource.dll.


Press your Start button → search for Task Scheduler → Right Click → Send to → Desktop

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