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AFAIK, this is not possible, not with Windows Snipping tool!


Pause the video at the frame you want to take a screenshot of, and just hit alt+printscreen on your keyboard (to take a screenshot of your current window and place it into your clipboard). Then, open MSPaint, and hit CTRL+V (to paste). Cut out the browser area and modify the picture to your heart's content. Save it as jpg and you're set.


Having had lots of PCs, Fn+Home should work, assuming you have the Function key. EDIT: As Andi Mohr said, You could also use the snipping tool instead of instant screenshot


Albeit not a very desirable solution: install a screen recording utility on the guest system, such as Fraps. It means you would have to install it on each guest system, but saves you from fighting with the driver/device issues you are facing. Edit: Set your virtual audio device to ICH AC97. Source And install Guest Additions. Source

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