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I wrote a small script that does the following. -creates a temporary directory to the target USB or SC card -creates a 5MB randomly generated reference file with md5sum checksum -copies the reference file to the target and generates a md5sum check from the target to confirm read/write success -fills the target to capacity (100%) or stops when a ...


According to this SevenForums page, "if you're going to use the drive exclusively for readyboost, try out exFAT with 32 mb allocation unit size." http://www.sevenforums.com/performance-maintenance/127722-exfat-formatting-readyboost.html


First off, I don't think you mean RAM. I've never heard of a tablet that has 16GB of RAM (pcworld specs say it has 512 MB of (DDR3 SD)RAM). I think you mean flash. But anyway, If you need to clear the memory, just plug the tablet into your computer and you should be able to access your files from there. But if you really do mean RAM, then 1) that is one ...


SD cards do not expose any standard interface to retrieve health status or to perform self-diagnosis tests like SSDs do with SMART. However, you can get some indirect estimates by polling the filesystem statistics; for example EXT4 can be polled with the command dumpe2fs, which reports the total amount of data ever written to the filesystem, which in turn ...

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