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The allocation unit size will make very little if any noticeable performance difference here. Too large of a size can lead to inefficient usage of storage space if you have many small files. Stick with the default and let the SD card controller handle block management and buffering -- that's what it's there for anyways. The way to get the best performance ...


Those errors are not disk errors, they're USB errors. The disk is probably fine, it's a problem with (in order of likelihood) the USB cable, the USB connectors, the USB root port/hub, a broken USB device controller or a dodgy host controller. Try a different cable in a different USB port and see if it makes a difference. Insert the plug quickly and firmly, ...


For me the solution was to turn-on USB device with SD card, using Devices -> USB devices ->My card reader, and after few seconds new disks appear in my VM. I have installed VirtualBox Extensions Pack before that.

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