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Would strictfocus be of help? https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/pentadactyl/lmY8rKtqI8g


If that portion of the song, naming it sample from here on, contains lyrics then you can search for it on midomi, a web service for audio reverse search. Things to note, I never got results on just instrumental samples, while on voice samples I mostly got good results, even on trance samples of obscure remix dj's, as long as it has some voices in it, it ...


Well, I've fixed, but by rather drastic means. I did a full uninstall of Opera (with Revo Uninstaller, which cleans up the registry and leftover files), and then reinstalled from scratch (download and all). I would like to have tried a less draconian uninstall first, but I had neither the patience nor the time. This answer is for the record; if anyone has ...


You could perhaps run a webserver in the background which takes the query and passes it to a google "i'm feeling lucky" link. Opening more than one tab would obviously require you visting the website in chrome and explicitly allowing popups. To open the top 3(not only the first) search result, you will probably have to get the source code of the ...

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