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I got this to work with a Plugable adapter (Prolific PL2303HX chipset), but I had to use /dev/cu.usbserial instead of /dev/tty.usbserial. It was helpful to use screen to test the connection -- it allowed me to figured out that my cable was wrong. I used the DB9-DB25 connection from here: Text-Terminal-HOWTO / Physical Connection Remember that you cannot ...


You're really comparing apples and oranges, because much of the hardware that connects to a PC via a serial port won't connect via a parallel port, and vice versa. The serial port is actually controlled by a UART, as are the great majority of serial ports in devices, modems, etc. The UART handles most of the low-level details of signaling and eases load ...


HERE IS SOLUTION: I emailed Hilgraeve support, and he sent a special .dll that does NOT spin at boot. Perfect! Had a hick up or two getting it to run: had to completely uninstall the old one, yada, yada

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