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Internet|---|RT-AC68U|---|Subnet A|---|AP300|---|Subnet B First access the Amped AP300 Setup page. a. Connect to Subnet B via WIFI b. Open a web browser and navigate to: Go to More Settings -> IP Settings Set DHCP to disabled. Click Apply. Disconnect cable connected to the "Network" port of the AP300. Connect the cable which was ...


You have answered your own question by saying the 3 meter cord works, but the 49 meter one does not. This indicates the problem is with the Ethernet cable. Test the 49 meter cord and you will likely find it is defective. Ethernet cable testers are easy to find and use.


The length of your cable suggests a custom-made length. I recommend replacing the RJ-45 connectors on both sides, wired to TIA/EIA 568 specifications.

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