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$ echo "word" -n | md5sum 3a21ca21563e9535a9012daef61a0bdf - $ echo "word -n" | md5sum 3a21ca21563e9535a9012daef61a0bdf - $ echo "-n" word | md5sum c47d187067c6cf953245f128b5fde62a - Specifically, note that: $ echo "word" -n word -n All options must come before non-option arguments. This is the case in most programs except some GNU utilities, and is ...


This Ubuntu documentation talks about ~/.pam_environment: Session-wide environment variables Suitable files for environment variable settings that should affect just a particular user (rather than the system as a whole) are ~/.pam_environment and ~/.profile. After having edited one of those files, you should re-login in order to ...

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