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Ancient Question trumped by passage of time... Acrobat Reader XI allows for signing documents by several methods including a scanned image. You can then send the signed document by Email, Fax, have other sign or simply save a copy. The file now has the signature included within it. You don't even need Acrobat itself, download PDFCreator from ...


You don't need to buy the full Adobe Acrobat software to digitally sign a PDF file, but you will need to use a tool like Quick PDF Tools, Nitro PDF, etc. If you just need to sign a PDF file as a one off, then these products offer fully functional 14 day trial versions, which would let you sign the file. Alternatively, you could programmatically digitally ...


Assuming that the PDF doesn't have security preventing you from doing so, you may open the PDF with LibreOffice Writer (, and then paste your signature image onto it. It can then be exported as a PDF with the signature attached. I wrote a blog post detailing the full process in Ubuntu over at


In Adobe Reader Pro XI (note there is a time-limited fully-functional free trial), open the PDF, go to File → Save As Other... → Reader Extended PDF → Enable More Tools (includes form fill-in & save)... And then you get a PDF file that looks just the same, but will have all those other options no longer greyed-out when opened in the free ...


In our adobe we create stamps by scanning our signature. You can use the stamp to 'sign' the document. You can create any custom stamp you want.

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