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No. You can only send WakeOnLan over a local lan. Waking up a computer from a sleeping state(motherboard is still listening for network traffic), you have to be connected locally to the same network. You can do this externally by creating a VPN tunnel into the router. After which, you'll be able to wake the computer(assuming you're software sends the ...


This may be an issue with how Windows 7 disabled USB devices when it suspends. Try the following: Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Power Options -> Change Plan Settings (of current selected plan) -> Change Advanced Power Settings -> USB Selective Suspend Setting -> Disable (both) Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Power Options -> Change Plan ...


I fixed it ! I had to select restor Factory defaults in AMD Catalyst Control Center and after that fix scaling options and reboot windows


I'm not sure about making windows do this, but you could try an old technology approach & turn off your monitor. That would solve your issue.

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