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1TB SMART might run 2-4 hours If dell provides the smartctl.exe command, you can check the progress via smartctl.exe -Hc c:\ it shows progress of the test (sometimes it hangs) and also the firmware reported test time. Look for Self-test execution status and Extended/Short self-test routine recommended polling time install the windows version if unable to ...


One more option, you could have a look at your drive manufacturer's site in case they have tools that can interpret your particular drive's status. Some have extra settings, firmware updaters etc. SSDs in particular tend to have these extras.


If You are using Windows, You should run a disk check then see if the message goes away and recheck with your HDD tests. The 301 error code will be a Smart or Disk Self Test failure - in either case, it would indicate that the Hard Drive is failing and needs to be replaced. It's impossible to estimate the remaining lifespan of the drive - it could carry ...

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