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After searching for another few days I came to the conclusion that this are bugs in the game server software. When the gameserver software is configured with a specific IP on the system it refuses to do anything with incoming broadcast packages. For now I configured separate ports per application instead of ip-adresses and will use a form of containerbased ...


You will need to set your network interface into monitor mode to be able to sniff all traffic on the wireless network. So, before starting up tcpdump, do the following: sudo ifconfig wlan0 down sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode Monitor sudo ifconfig wlan0 up This will simply turn off your interface, enable monitor mode and turn it on again. Note that not all ...


iperf captures the payload data rate, i.e. the actual useful user-data sent inside packets. Wireshark captures all data and overheads, including user-data, plus packet headers around the user data, and frame headers around the packets.

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