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Under Windows, you can create a new protocol using the Registry Editor: Start / Run / regedit Look for the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive, and create a new series of keys with the following structure: tel\shell\open\command At the tel level, edit the (Default) string, and change its value to URL:tel Protocol Again at the tel level, add a new string called ...


If you are in the same situation, a solution I came up with is to point the registry command for the protocol to a batch file that evaluate the command line parameter stripping the "tel:" part and start QuteCom... So here is what I put as string in the registry command key: "C:\telProtocolHandler.bat" %1 Here is the content of my telProtocolHandler.bat ...


The syntax you are using is correct and works for me: The version installed is 2.2 on a Windows 7 x64 machine. Trying a re-install might help, but there is a unresolved bug where dialing from the command line doesn't seem to work. Perhaps try a different SIP client, or a different machine for testing.


Paul's answer is ok, but better use "sip" protocol instead of "tel" otherwise QuteCom will try to call "tel:#########", because browsers pass URI into %1. Also in Windows 7 and latest version of QuteCom my path looks like this (notice slash instead of backslash): C:\Program Files (x86)\QuteCom\QuteCom.exe -c call/"%1"

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