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They're not necessarily "fake", but having a lot of near useless programs running in the background hogging resources will always slow a machine down. Many of them have active scanners that constantly monitor your system as well, further slowing it down. Using more than one of them is probably overkill as well. I've seen several machines that were brought to ...


I've just found this user-friendly app, DiffImg http://sourceforge.net/projects/diffimg/


6 more apps that do the job: Dup Detector Duplicate images often find their way into collections, even commercial stock collections. Now you can clean them of duplicates and near duplicates. Search a folder (including subfolders) for duplicate and near duplicate images. Match all images or restrict match to same size or same aspect ratio. Dup Detector ...


The Log File Navigator for Mac and Linux seems like a great solution. It uses command line and provides the following features: Automatic highlights SQL queries for logs Formatting and pretty-printing Screenshot: http://i.stack.imgur.com/6yxxT.png

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