Recommendations for software or applications are off-topic here — Ask such questions on Software Recommendations (http://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com) instead.

Note: There is a site for asking for software recommendations: SoftwareRecs.SE.

deals with all questions referring to recommendations for software or applications for particular purposes that will run on the local computer.

We often consider software recommendation questions off topic because they can be subjective, open ended, and might lead to polling.

How to write a good software-rec question?

First of all, read the following Meta Super User post:

Software recommendations should be specific. "What is the best …" is usually not a good starting point, as it leads to biased answers. When writing a question looking for specific software recommendations, make sure to include an aspect that can be objectively measured, for example:

  • performance (execution speed)
  • usability
  • feature richness
  • compatibility with hardware or other software
  • free and open source vs. paid and closed source
  • et cetera
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