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Thd best one iz BethClip - it's not only sync, bug also help to manage clipboards history for each device together or separated. Also have smart action.


Lets say I had a directory /srv and a few weeks ago I ran a command like find /srv/ > /tmp/oldindex. You could easily compare that against the current system using process substitution by doing something like this. diff -u /tmp/oldindex <(find /srv/) There are lots of options you could use to change your diff format. You will need to generate your ...


I use Hyrax from hyraxhub.com to share clipboard with either text of file from PC I just need to press hot keys Alt+Home (although these keys are configurable) and I get notification in Android Hyrax immediately and can take copied file or text just pressing on android notification. Similar I can copy to clipboard on Android and share with PC.


The usual offering in this area is called VidBlaster. It is a for-pay product, but it's a lot cheaper than Livestream Studio. There is a free demo version. See http://vidblaster.com . From there, I tried googling for {{ vidblaster free alternative }} and found this page: http://alternativeto.net/software/vidblaster/ I haven't tried any of those, but at ...


fseventer is an excellent GUI filesystem monitor for OS X (support until 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite yet unsupported) . It uses the Spotlight API, and often helped me to determine undesired write activities, or determine which config files are indeed read in, etc.


Here's another free one. Shows a good spectrum with unnoticeable latency. Also has peak level indicators. http://www.techmind.org/audio/specanaly.html


Assuming that your headset is using 3.5mm socket and not operating via USB you could use a double adapter (available from electronics or hifi store) which will create two outputs for your headset sound. Then basically use a set of headphones that are patched into one of the sockets and stick it close to the input of your headset. It should give you what ...

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