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First things: is video with 5.1 audio or only stereo. Second thing: i remember simillar problem-I had to setup 5.1 in video player settings.


Here's how I fixed this: Load the Creative SBXF_PCDRV_L11_2_30_0007 Windows 10 driver. Open Creative Audio control panel. Under headphone detection, uncheck Automatically Mute Speakers.


Have a look if your onboard audio interface is disabled in the BIOS. If so, you could enable it and use in in the meantime until there are drivers for you card on win 10. Have you tried to install the drivers for Win 8.1 for your card? I think so, just for sake of completion. Another way could be to remove your xfi and then see if Win10 detects the onboard ...


Uninstall all drivers. Download the Vista 64bit or 32bit Driver depending on your system from rolands website. Make sure you unpack (unzip) it into a folder on your desktop. Plug in the UA25 and ignore all messages. Go to control panel/device manager where you will see UA25 in the list. Click and update drivers by navigating to the previously folder on your ...


Apparently the Xonar drivers aren't Windows 8+ compatible. Installing UNi Xonar solved the issue.


Let me share what worked for me... After upgrading to Windows 10, Sound was not working on my Laptop. Following steps resolved the issue: 1. Right Click on the Speaker Icon 2. Select Playback Devices 3. Highlight Speakers... and click on Properties 4. Go to Enhancements Tab 5. Tick on Disable all enhancements. This fixed it

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