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06-19-14 I had a Spotlight-created, seemingly frozen dialog box describing an Evernote note with 0KB. I logged off, then logged back in. The dialog box disappeared. Did not need to reboot. Spotlight itself continued to function normally even though the previous "hit" was still stuck on the Desktop screen.


Enter anything into the Finder's search field, and clear it again. You'll then be in the search interface that has a new bar near the top, with no active search criteria: Click the + button at the right side of the new search context bar. Hold Option and click the … button to the right of the new entry (it's another + button while you don't hold Option). ...


Assuming you want to delete non-mp3 files anywhere under a specific directory (which I assume is the current directory), and that they are all called names ending in .mp3, the following should work. find . -type f \! -name \*.mp3 -exec rm {} \; This finds all ordinary files (-type f) whose name does not (\!) match the pattern *.mp3, then deletes them ...

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