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You need to add DNS servers to your system. Easiest way would be to add this line to your interfaces file. dns-nameservers You can also add them by following the instructions here: https://wiki.debian.org/NetworkConfiguration#Defining_the_.28DNS.29_Nameservers


Did you set up DNS addresses? If you run DHCP, DNS is configured automatically, but when you run with static IP's, it's not. You can configure DNS by adding the following below the iface eth0 inet static portion of the /etc/network/interfaces file: dns-nameservers dns-search int.mtak.nl Replace the IP addresses with your network's ...


You first need to check which subnet you are in. Set your network card to DHCP and check the network and gateway addresses by doing ipconfig from cmd.exe. Once you have this information (I assume in this example your DHCP-assigned IP is, subnet mask is and gateway is you can choose an unused IP within your network. ...


The instructions you used are for a wireless AP and assume that there is another router in the network to provide the network details, specifically those you have to enter manually now. Obviously there isn't another router in your network which could distribute those settings so the instructions are not suited for your use case. I'm also quite certain that ...

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