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I also get stuck with this problem and find solution, and maybe it would help anyone in future. You just need to open regedit and find "Realtek" (or any other part of device name), one of the results would be like on the screenshot below. Just open "FriendlyName" parameter and rename your device as you wish. Screenshot:


The answer therefore seems to be: Method 1 is verified to work, but is libx264-specific, and comes at the cost of eliminating the very useful scenecut option in libx264. Method 3 works as of the FFMPEG version of April 2015, but you should verify your results with with the script included at the bottom of this post, as the FFMPEG documentation is unclear ...


There is a software called motion that will give everything you need to stream live video. Install it using: sudo apt-get install motion It has a daemon that captures the video through the camera and stream it, so anyone on the network can watch it. EDIT: I've found this tutorial that gives you a step-by-step guide to do it.

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