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Found the solution, VirtualBox has a tool to create the .vdi from .img: VBoxManage convertfromraw image.img virtual_disk.vdi


The reason for size being limited to the size of the smallest disk has to do with the fact that stripes are written "alternately" and must be the same size. In a two disk system, all odd stripes are on one disk, the even ones on the other. Writes alternate between disks, odd/even/odd/even/... Since stripes must be the same size, and paired (for two disks),...


Yes, in terms of performance you can expect to get just about the sum of all the drives. Do note that your seek time will be the maximum of all drives. The slowest drive will determine your seek time. Your speed gain will be limited by the rest of the computer. Most likely your SATA controller.


No. You cannot do this without reinstalling (or moving your data temporarily, setting up RAID, then moving it back). If you were doing RAID 1, you might be able to do it, if you have a fancy enough RAID controller, but even then it's doubtful. No, RAID 0 has higher risk than a single drive, and for pretty obvious reasons. Suppose that one drive has a 10% ...


Turns out this was a problem with NIC "Device polling". As soon as i turned it off i get sustained write speeds of 85MB/s.

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