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Go to Windows Update (Update history) and uninstall KB3072318. It has something to do with rolling out Windows 10. It will work!


As far as I know, Slack for OSX does not support customization of fonts or colors in the message area. You may make the font larger or smaller via the standard <Cmd>+ and <Cmd>- keystrokes. You may, however, customize the sidebar portion of Slack, on a per-team basis. From the Zendesk help page: Choosing a new theme 1. Open the Slack team ...


I also found selecting the paragraphs and Format -> Clear Direct Formatting also resolves the issue. Beats having to do them one by one.


I'm not aware of any feature which you could use to set headings as you need, alternate option could be a macro. Below code goes through all paragraphs of a document and for each having a heading style (outline level is set greater or equal to 1) it sets alignments and vertical borders according to page number. Sub alignHeaders() Dim i As Integer ...

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