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Are there fonts that have both italic and oblique variants? Most typefaces have either oblique or italic variants but not both. There are a few exceptions. See for example Lucida Font Store FAQ: LUCIDA GRANDE LIGHT and LUCIDA GRANDE BLACK fonts are available in roman, italic, and oblique styles from the Lucida Fonts Store. These newly released ...


I have had this happen on several occasions and never identified the cause. I am usually able to correct the problem though. Try this: Select the entire line of text on the that is not working properly. Under the Styles ribbon, click normal. Save the document. Close Word. Reopen the document. Select the line of text and change it to the Heading you ...


Of course, you can apply themes to KDE. Assuming you're on KDE 4, i recommend you you to take a look at KDE 5 theme called Breeze, there are ports of it to old KDE 4. Take a look at here: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/KDE+5+look?content=166438

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