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Yeah now Caret doesn't have this feature. Bug I hope in nearest future it will be implemented. You can subscribe on this issue to be in touch about last updates.


It's probably because your scope specification is invalid. the following works perfectly fine for me: { "scope": "text.html", "completions": [ { "trigger": "test\tTheTest", "contents": "this is a test" } ] }


Use the Emmet plugin shortcut key to rename tag in your editor: [Super + Shift + K] on mac //In OSX environment, super key = Command key. [Ctrl + Shift + '] on windows It worked perfectly I already tested with sublime text


First you can specify project-level settings using your_project_name.sublime-project file. Take a look at Project menu and the sublime documentation. Though, sublime doesn't support syntax settings in the .sublime-project files. So you have to use Sublime Project Specific Syntax package. This works for me with Sublime Text 3. Pay attention to use the ...

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