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The theory of the subnet mask is that it defines what part of the IP address is the network address and what part of the IP address is the host address: - IP address; - Subnet mask; 10 - network address, 100.0.1 - host address. Hosts within same subnet can talk directly to each other. That means if host A and B are located within the ...


All the "Authorized" and "Guest" machines are on the same subnet, so it's no surprise that they all can reach each other. The server's restricted subnet mask makes it think that only the "Authorized" computers are on the same subnet, so it ARPs for them directly and can reach them. The server thinks the "Guest" computers are on a different subnet, so it ...


Since the packets are outside their LAN range, they send the packets to their default router. Their default router forwards them to their destination and sends an ICMP redirect to the source. Whether or not the ICMP redirect works, the traffic still gets there. You definitely should not do things this way.


The answer is (d). The explanation: When netmask is we have 5 bits of third octect for host, then the networks are: this last one goes from to When netmask is we have 4 bits of third octect for host, then the networks are: ...


You need to disable Wireless Isolation (sometimes called Client Isolation) on the wireless AP that's connected to your router. Wireless Isolation prevents wireless clients from communicating with other wireless clients connected to the same base station (AP). In your case, the AP connected to your router is the "base station" and the APs located at each ...


A netmask of (=> /22) makes the first available address be (the base net address), when given x.x.5.x - nothing strange there.


For the hardware side, all you have to do is the connect the internet port (the yellow marked port) to the wall port. If the internet setting is still at its default (internet connection type: automatic configuration DHCP), everything should work als you like. Check whether the router uses the same subnet as the house network, if necessary you will have to ...

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