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Cornerstone requires that you manually set working copy version in Cornerstone that matches version of Subversion on server. You can change it by selecting Working Copy -> Upgrade Working Copy... I've just figure out the dates in this post, but I'm gonna commit the answer anyway just in case someone is still searching for an answer


Reliably? Not a chance. Svn uses similar techniques to diff to reduce the size of individual commits, files are effectively compressed to a "base" file and the additions and subtractions from that file. This apparently even works for binary files The problem is though that you're not pulling down all of these intermediate blobs, over the course of several ...


Read, understand and use Path-Based Authorization. Delegate needed permissions for repos (or just repo's subtree) in single authz-file have also set the passwd files for every repos Not needed and bad idea in common


I am thinking about an htaccess allow/deny rule based on revision number Will NOT work at all - Apache know nothing about revision|tree in repo If you want totally hide old revisions - remove revisions 1-999 from repository|move to the separate repository


As per this question on Stack Overflow, both of the .la files (libapr-1.la and libaprutil-1.la) files describe the libraries themselves, and should be commented. It's likely that the paths referenced in these files are incorrect or defaulting to your system's LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Editing both files with a text editor, and updating the respective paths to point ...


Have you installed subversion-gnome? It's the GNOME Keyring support for Subversion. You can use a package manager (like yum in fedora) to install it.

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