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First, make sure to move C:\Users\tachikoma01\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin to the new location at G:\Roaming\Bitcoin, and make sure that your Bitcoin mining software is off and doesn't re-create the folder when you move it. Once you're sure the folder is no longer there, you can create a symbolic link. The easiest way to create a symlink in windows is at the ...


You have so many possibilities... and this number will grow with time. rsync and tar are two consolidated old style ways to do backup. You can do remotely your tar file(s), and backup it (them) locally. You can do even an incremental backup. Moreover and more cosy, it exists a wide number of GUI based on them and on SSH. Some opensources too. You can ...


http://sf.net/projects/junctionbox might be able to do what you need. dir /al /s will give you a list of the junctions, btw.


There are several very good pages which describe rsync in great detail. http://www.jveweb.net/en/archives/2010/11/synchronizing-folders-with-rsync.html http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/index.html I would also recommend utilities such as backintime or rsnapshot.

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