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Answering my own question, apparently some temporary information is stored about the file even when you do a :bd, and to "really" remove a file from Vim's memory, you have to do a :bw (bufferwipe). The temporary information about the symlink making the target open as the symlink seems like a bug in Vim, but in any case opening the original symlink again and ...


Just in case (since it's an old question) : It is not possible to use relative paths, however you can write a batch file and use : %~dp0 to get the current directory. (more here : SO question) Then, you can launch whatever file you want in your drive with : portable_chrome.exe file:///%~dp0path-to-your-file/index.html


Try running the back-slashed/escaped version of the ln -s command as explained here like so: ln -s /Applications/Sublime\ Text\ 2.app/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl /usr/local/bin/sublime As that site explains—and I concur—the ~/bin that the official Sublime Text site recommends just seems weird and I have never encountered a recommendation like that for ...


I don't know about on the Mac, but this is possible in Windows. Creating Symbolic Links You also may be looking for a junction point. Maybe you can use a cloud storage tool like DropBox to synchronize the files, link/junction with to the folder where the synchronized files are stored, and use that as your save path (or whatever you intend to use it for).

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