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Windows time sync , based on windows 7. First test the server your time syncing to , just to cover everything Start at the yellow arrow there, and click on the clock click on [Change the date and time settings] at the bottom of the clock calender Go to the {Internet Time} tab Click on the [Change Settings] Add or alter the time server to your desired ...


Reference List of Chromium Command Line Switches: Use the following command line switch: --disable-sync Disables syncing browser data to a Google Account. See Run Chromium with flags for instructions on how to run chrome with added command line switches.


As of NoScript the whitelist is stored in the prefs.js file inside the Firefox profile (key: capability.policy.maonoscript.sites). I guess it should be possible to extract/replace this information with a script.


I included a lot of background (well, a lot compared to the specifics of answering the direct questions themselves), but hopefully it serves as useful for reference in numerous others users' questions about time or clock synchronization. I'm booting quite a few different OSes ... I've read that this can sometime cause the time to go off so I want to ...


It seems a litte farfetched. I would do as follows: Create an extra account, a proxy account, so to speak. This way you have two accounts, A (yours) and B (lab user). In account A, create a folder and share it with B. Then, log in to account B on the machines you would have otherwise configured for "selective sync". This way, if anyone tries to access the ...

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