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First, post the windows version you are using. Second, the possibility of it being a virus is very low, I would say, since there's no point for a virus to reproduce that pattern. If you need to give a program a fixed position on your taskbar, you can select the option "Fix the program on the taskbar", and then drag that item around. Here's a gif i did to ...


There is an app called TouchMe Gesture Studio that comes with plenty of ready made gestures, you can also set your own ones, like two fingers swipe up to show taskbar. You also need a gesture engine, there is a 32 days evaluation version and I am currently testing it. As for now, the problem is solved for me.


I've created a Open-InternetExplorer function that creates an IE COM object, navigates to a URL, sets IE as the foreground window, and optionally full screen. It should be noted that when the -InForeground switch is used a call is made to the native SetForegroundWindow Win32 API. There are some situations in which this function will not change the ...

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