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If the user interacts; that would de-facto cancel the idle state; so all you should need to do is give a message that the system will be shutdown soon due to being idle. If you had an "abort" or "cancel" button, you wouldn't actually have to code it to "do" anything; since the user clicking it (or even moving the mouse towards it) would be an interaction ...


shutdown.exe does not allow the /t parameter to be used along with either /l (log off) or /h (hibernate) for some reason. You can make the task execute shutdown /h (i.e. without /t) to hibernate. If you want a window wherein you can cancel the scheduled hibernation (using Ctrl+C), make the task execute cmd.exe instead with the following arguments: /c ...


In Task Scheduler, "Actions" field, write the following command to launch hibernate: rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState Of course, make sure Hibernate is enabled on your PC.

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