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A while back I wrote a great (and perhaps somewhat ugly) batch file that does it, it requires gnuwin32's sed and cut. I wrote it 'cos I was horrified how much RAM modern browsers take up and I wanted to see quickly. I am currently trying to neaten it up but this is it as it is. So, it's saying that Chrome is using 3.4GB ...


The general answer is: You can't, not accurately. Assuming you're asking about RAM (physical memory) and not virtual - Windows publishes two relevant counters for each process, the total working set and the private (to the process) working set. (PerfMon will show you these.) Task Manager shows the "private" and "shared" (added together these would give the ...


Windows Sysinternals Process Explorer will do this. This is a good tool for several other jobs as well, for instance it allows you to find which process is locking a file. Also, you can browse to chrome://memory-redirect/ in chrome which will give you the stats just for chrome.


I don't know how to do this in general, but to measure total memory usage of Chrome you can write about://memory to address bar. The Summary section shows total memory usage of all Chrome processes.


A reminder can be set, but it is only works for the owner. Once a task is delegated to you, the owner of the task can not pass the reminder on to you. You have to set your own reminder. A potential workaround may be to auto accept all tasks and then make a rule to flag for follow up at a specific interval. Or use VBA as part of a script rule to when ...

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