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If you're using Bash, you can use its /dev/udp virtual filesystem, like this: echo -n "hello" >/dev/udp/localhost/8000 Shamelessly re-used from this answer to "How to send only one UDP packet with netcat?"


I read many posts detailing possible "termination" keys to send telnet, but none worked. The only working method I've found for this situation is to simply send a malformed request to the server, which depending on the protocol will cause the foreign host to terminate the connection. For example, port 80 (HTTP), you can send a bad HTTP request like this: ...


Telnet needs a client and a server component to work. Windows 10 does not come with the server part. You enabled Telnet Client in Windows Features. To use the Telnet client, you need a server, either a third party solution for Windows 10, another Windows that comes with the Telnet server service, or another device or OS that has a telnet server running.

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