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It looks like you need to add that directory to your path. The exact command to do this depends on which shell is in use. For bash, you'll need something like: export PATH=$PATH:/home/user/Downloads/program/ Explanation: The PATH=$PATH keeps the existing path as part of the new path your are creating. The :/home/user/Downloads/program/ adds that ...


When you add a new program to the path, you need to type rehash For it to be known to the shell.


gnome-terminal does not have such an option. You might tweak its source (actually vte's), or configure fontconfig so that the italic version of your chosen font happens to be non-italic, or configure your man viewer (e.g. less) not to use italics.


Run a script at login on OS X OS X can run scripts and applications at login. The procedure is simple. Open System Preferences->Users & Groups. Select a user from the list at the left. Click the Login Items tab. Drag a script or application to the login items, or click the + icon to use Finder to locate the script. Close Users & Groups. Here'...

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