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This happens to me all the time, usually when I copy a text file generated on Windows over to my Linux server via a network share managed by samba on the server's side. Hastur is right, in the comments, and Joe Sewell in his answer, too: it's just the 'executable' permissions flag is set. My solution is: chmod u-x,go+r filename This makes it ...


If you've got LS_COLORS set up with default values (or at least the defaults I've seen in RHEL), the green color of the filename doesn't mean it's binary, only that one or more executable bits are set. ls -l should give you the information you need to confirm this. Remember that, in Linux, shell scripts are text files that must be executable in order to work ...


If the server still supports the original HTTP protocol version telnet www.example.com 80 | tee page.txt get /index.html If the server manages several sites you'll need to preceed the request with a host header. For more recent versions of HTTP you'll need to do some other stuff. The RFCs are a useful resource.


Section separators are used to change layout like that. If you turn on paragraph marks, you should see the section break and be able to delete it which should do what you want.

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