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Solution: Save the document and then re-open it in Notepad. Explanation: The carriage return (CR) and line feed (LF) are created with a new line in Windows text files, and both characters are needed to make text files compatible with old dot-matrix printers that had to be told to feed the paper. The CRLF has created all kinds of problems because sometimes ...


Start with column C and use if(b2="",a2,b2) and copy all the way down and then copy column C and paste values over column A. Or leave column C dynamic as the completed list.


As I understand it, you have data (names) in Column A, some of which need to be updated (replaced) by values in the same row of Column B.  Some data in Column A are correct, and the adjoining cells are blank:                                         Select the B data (cells B1 through B5 in my example, above).  Click at the top of the A data (cell A1).  ...

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