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Reference 18 Printing would suggest it can't be done... To the amusement of some and the frustration of others, TextMate currently features only limited printing capabilities. That means you can only use the document font with no syntax highlighting and no options except the standard printing options plus header and footer fields as shown ...


I found this thread from macromates listserv which explains the manual process: It’s a manual task currently. If you open an item as a txt file (hold down option while >double clicking it), youll see each item has a UUID like: 8DEB312B-16CD-4706-AAAE-352E7514D3FD Open the bundle .plist, and you’ll see these UUIDs entered under menu headings. ...


Changing the font size didn't work for me either. However if you do File > Page Setup and change the scale of the page, you can achieve the same result.

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