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If I'm understanding you correctly: Yes On the exact same window where you can change your theme to basic or classic, the Personalization screen you where talking about, you will always be able to select whatever theme, including going back to an aero theme, without any problem. Regardless of what theme you are on at the moment of switching. (Note: it may ...


The new version of Gnome Tweak Tool, doesn't have window theme selector. Commit: interface: Remove WindowTheme tweak The theme is no longer used in GNOME, window decorations are now styled according to the GTK+ theme.


I found the solution. It can be done by adding configurations in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css: the entry border-radius is to reduce the radius of corners; the others are to reduce the height of title-bar (which I guess most guys suffer from in gnome 3.18+, when there is no .xml available for adjustment). /* Locate in "~/.config/gtk-3.0/" to decrease title bar ...


As you described the problem it seems it's a very small perception error. You created the master slides and layouts in Slide Master view. Those layouts (with the shapes/images you created) are all visible only in Master Slide view. In the Normal view (aka when you open Powerpoint) you have to assign a layout to every slide/s. Just select the slide/s and go ...

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