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You can get the Humanuty theme from Filezilla Humanity orange | GNOME-Look.org. Download the 146163-humanity.zip. Unzip and copy it to /Applications/FileZilla.app/Contents/SharedSupport/resources on Mac OS X 10.10.4. Switch theme to Humanuty. Result of Humanuty style Filezilla.


According to the zshmisc man page there are several % codes for date and time, eg: %D The date in yy-mm-dd format. %T Current time of day, in 24-hour format. %t %@ Current time of day, in 12-hour, am/pm format. %* Current time of day in 24-hour format, with seconds. %w The date in day-dd format. %W The date in mm/dd/yy format. ...


How about installing package gnome-themes-standard. Try sudo apt-get install gnome-themes-standard or similar command in the corresponding way depending on what linux package management used.


The answer by @DavidPostill for changing "Menu" in "Personalization > Window Color and Appearance", does not apply if you are running the Aero theme. It needs the theme to be set to "Windows Classic". Not even "Windows Basic" will work. If you want to change the menubar, you will need to hack Windows software using a resource editor or even a debugger. The ...

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