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You should investigate why the processor is getting so hot in the first place... almost certainly going to be dry thermal paste or a clogged heatsink/vent. You should fix this problem first as it didn't do it when you first bought the laptop, right?


When you dusted off the heatsink and fan, did you reapply new thermal paste? I've had two laptops that have gradually been getting hotter over the years, despite having a routine of opening and removing dust from the hardware twice a year. Once I decided to remove the old thermal paste (by using Isopropyl Alcohol) and applying some new, and it did wonders. ...


It seems like it is irreversible, see discussion on Thinkpad forum. Both Activate and Disable are permanent. So disabling them is reasonable. How Computrace/Absolute Persistence exactly keeps itself stealthy and functional is probable something the service provider keeps between them and the BIOS & motherboard manufacturers. E.g. see thoughts on ...

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