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Open the localstore.rdf file in your profile folder (~/.thunderbird/xxxxxxxx.profileName) and search for sizemode="normal" in the chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul entry and change it to sizemode="fullscreen". Then restart Thunderbird.


If your Lotus Notes cient is connected to a Lotus Domino server, then you can ask your server administrators (and/or help desk staff) whether the server's support for IMAP has been enabled. If it has, then you can simply use Thunderbird to access the server, and your messages will all** be there. And that's really what you want, isn't it? Not just a one-time ...


I had the same problem with Icedove 31.6.0 (Thunderbird fork). I could resolve this by removing the account which was initially created by the Mail Account Setup wizard and then using the Account Settings panel which can be accessed via Menu > Preferences > Account Settings. Strange, but it worked with the exact same settings used before.


This functionality is available in Thunderbird version 31.6.0 Open new Write message 'Insert' > 'Mathematical Formula' Enter formula click on 'Insert'.

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