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When I tried this, I was unable to proceed. I kept getting the error: Disk Erase failed Disk Erase failed with the error: Couldn't unmount disk. So I did a little research and found I had to turn Time Machine off first. (It had been on, but unable to back-up my Mac--hence the new hard drive.) So, little recommendation: turn off Time Machine ...


Sure, you could mount the sparsebundle and run something like find /Volumes/mySparsebundle/ -iname \*.CR2 to get a list of them all, but beware that you could see lots of entries for the same file, because it will appear as if it exists in multiple backups. There's really only one copy of the file's bytes in the sparsebundle, but that filename appears in ...


Restart Then reset pram with option+cmd+p+r Booting with cmd+r the utility disc (I have a macintosh HD and one partition encrypted (the one with encoding paused)) >select the partition encrypted>click file and unlock>repair the partition disk>repair permission on partition>repair macintosh HD Restart The encryption will be resumed


We use a product named Scannerz (http://scsc-online.com/Scannerz.html) to do testing. The nice thing about it is it can do other system tests like cable checks, sector checks, system checks, etc. and it can detect degradation SMART testing misses. It checks SMART status but doesn't alarm you when trivial events occur, whereas most SMART testing software ...

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